Top 10 Skills To Learn During This Lock-down

We know its hard to be in this lockdown period but don’t worry we got you covered. Here is the list of Top skills you can learn during this lockdown.

Start a YouTube channel

start YouTube channel

The first thing is to create a YouTube channel. It’s very easy and it’s very important in today’s time. Gradually the whole world is shifting from TV to YouTube. At this time everyone has a Facebook account, in the same way, today everyone should have a YouTube channel.

Online teaching/make online courses 

Online teaching/make online courses

In this Quarantine time, you can also do online teaching or make online courses today is a trend of online everyone wants to learn more than in less time and the global market of e-Learning is already has been 107 billion dollars and 2025 it would be 325 million dollars.

Drawing / Painting


You can learn to paint and drawing and its very creative activity make your mind very creative if you have already a drawing skill you can enhance it.

Graphic Designing

graphic designing

You can also learn graphic designing it is a very demanding subject

Read more & more Books

Read more and more books

The first thing you can do is read books if you read books it will increase your knowledge and also intellect intelligence it’s a very good exercise for mind you can also read the e book from Kindle and you can listen to audio books from audible.



In this lockdown period, one of the best things you can do is blogging. It’s a very exciting activity. It will develop your writing skills. You can share your post, information, and knowledge and people will read it.

Digital Marketing

digital marketing

The 7th thing you can do in digital marketing. It’s a very demanding sector nowadays because most of the brands can use digital marketing to benefit their marketing efforts. Digital Marketing is the future. At this time there are 140 million users of the Internet in India and this number is increasing day by day, and they are moving towards Social media. Which is a very good platform for Marketing and there a product can be converted into a brand.   

E-Commerce / Online selling

E-commerce/online selling

This is the time of the Internet and everything is online. Everyone loves to get their things at home. The global market of E-commerce is 3.53 Trillion US Dollars. It is projected to grow 6.54 trillion US Dollars in 2022. Online shopping is one of the most popular online activities worldwide.



You can also make your Podcasts. It can develop your speaking skills. It has a very great future in the coming days. Thousands of people listen to podcasts in the USA, England, Australia, and other countries. In India, it has just begun. Radio is going to be replaced by podcasts.



In the above 9 points, you have learned how you can generate income but once you have the money you need to invest this money somewhere in order to grow your wealth further so these days is the great opportunity to learn the skills of investing.